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I did the first Internet loan in 1996, one of the first lenders to do that. In the ten years that I have been doing loans for Internet applicants, I have tried every on-line application process that has come along. Most were pretty unfriendly but I finally found one that I think that you will like. Click on the button to fill out an e-application. Don't worry. It is a SECURE website so your information is SAFE.

Note: I will NOT run your credit report until you specifically tell me you want me to.


Please call me the next morning to discuss your application. 949-852-8822.
If you feel uncomfortable, then use the one I KNOW is reliable and user-friendly! Just fill out the pre-mortgage fact sheet below and e-mail it to me. I'll contact you and if we decide that we should do business, I'll take the application over the phone, order your credit report, prepare the forms and send the appication to you as a .pdf attachment to an e-mail. You can sign and return them and we're on our way.
For most loans we use Automated Underwriting and that takes only a few hours to get approval. You can lock your rate in anytime you wish. I can usually draw the docs as soon as you lock and send them to escrow for your signature. By the time that is done, we'll usually have the appraisal and title report back, and we're ready to fund. Typically, the process takes about three weeks although we've done a number of them in about 10 days. The record is taking an application on Wednesday and funding it on the following Thursday with a three-day weekend in between!
Note that I am licensed only in California and Idaho. I can legally do loans a few other states however, so ask. I do have contacts in many other states, mostly Upfront Mortgage Brokers, to whom I would be happy to refer you.
Note too that I am always happy to spend a few minutes with you, especially if you bought my book, if you have questions, even if we aren't going to do business.

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