Testimonials from Readers



Your book is fantastic. it is beyond practical and really interesting!!

Kerry Zekser

I read your recent book and its absolutely a perfect 10! .... I sat down and went through a couple mortgage books and they were just plain pathetic but.......yours WOW! Just incredibly well written and explained. I can't thank you enough for writing such a wonderful book. You are truly talented in your field and thanks for everything you opened my eyes to. I'm actually reading it a second time which I have never done in my life!

Brett Lindberg

You provide an invaluable sevice to the Americna consumer where it matters most, our homes. If you ever run for the highest office, you've  got my vote.

Jorge Aguilar

The book is awesome. I was particularly impressed with the fact that high ethical standards are given the high priority that they deserve. I can't thank you enough for this book. It has been a godsend.


Karolyn Stewart California

I spent the day reading your book pretty much from cover-to-cover.  I now feel that I am 100 times better prepared in my quest to finance our new home than I would have been if I hadn't read your book.  It was very easy to read and very understandable even for a fish out of water like me.


Sean Missouri


I am compelled to convey a heart-felt Thank You! I have just completed my first (and not my last) reading of your How to Save Thousands... book and I am most grateful for your bearings and insight regarding the most confusing, not to mention intimidating world of Home Mortgages.


Ian Reves Georgia   


I just finished reading your book last night and found it to be incredibly helpful.      


Alex Williams and Ashley English California


The best $16 I ever spent.

Kelly Park - Los Angeles

Thank you for producing the greatest, most informative book I have EVER read.

Mans Bhuler

Thanks for a great book. I just finished last night and have a lot more confidence in my ability to obtain a better mortgage. The industry details and the economics from the buyer's perspective show how to choose what you need.

Jim - San Diego

I want to thank you for writing a book . . . that I can understand. I have already learned so much. I could put the book down and be 200% more prepared than I was a week ago.

Paige Kramer

"… your book is the best of its kind I have ever seen."

J. Reed Smith, Attorney – San Diego

I bought your book several months ago the same day the St Petersburg Times printed a review. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone I've loaned it to has bought their own copy.

Howard Grey – Florida

. . . the book has been extremely informative. I think this is the only non-fiction book that I will have voluntarily read cover-to-cover. It is well written and has kept my interest.

Wendy Satuloff, Attorney - California

It is very clear and helpful – wish we had gotten it sooner.

John S.


Great exposure of the numbers that are typically confusing -- also wonderful presentation of the graphs.

David Norwood

There are many mortgage books in the bookstore and yours was by far the best. Your writing style is both clear and concise.

Mike from San Diego

I would like to congratulate you on an excellent piece of work.

John Elliott - Monterey, CA

I found your book most enlightening. I've gone through the loan process several times and consider myself fairly smart, but your book truly helped me understand for the first what really has gone on.

Kathleen Digan 

I bought the book and read it in one day. . . . I followed your advice and I now feel as if I could ask intelligent questions and get what I want out of the meeting.

Tom Szayna

I have only read the first eight chapters of the book so far, but I have learned more than I even thought there was to know about mortgages.

Clifton Walker

"A wonderful resource! I appreciated especially the candor and "editorial comments" beyond the core info."

Kevin Ley - Minneapolis

Randy's book is absolutely great!" The two page section on negotiating with lenders is easily worth $50! The rest of the information in the book makes it invaluable."

Jeff Patterson

It is the only book I have found so far that shows you how to effectively decide to choose the best rate and point, as well as when to lock in.

Samuel C. Tong

Your book has removed layers of camouflage from your business. I have bought three houses and still didn't really know how the loan process worked. Thank you for your straight forward explanation of how various loans make it possible to save money.

Michael Edwards