I'll tell you what astonishes me: you'd have to be raised in a pumpkin patch not to know that there are a lot of pretty shady characters in the mortgage business. These people have one objective - to get into your wallet! Frankly, they are very smooth so it is very difficult to differentiate between them and the good guys. If you end up with one of them as YOUR loan rep, you'd better be well-equipped - read "educated" - or they'll take you to the cleaners.
Even if you end up dealing with one of the best people in the mortgage industry, you're going to have a much better experience and get a better deal if you get educated ahead of time. If you're dealing with some twit at some mega-lender or a trainee at your bank, face the facts - THEY CANNOT HELP YOU BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! You are going to have to help yourself. You can find a lot of help at this section of the website and in my books!
Our goal here is quite simple - to help you get a better deal than all your neighbors by helping you analyze and understand the information you receive.

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