I have made two widely used forms available here, the standard application form (New 2004 version) used by 99% of the lenders in the country, and the appraisal form used by residential appraisers.
The application - My strongly held feeling is that most people hate filling out applications. In my business, I get the application information directly from my clients, filling in the answers directly into my computer's mortgage processing program. It takes about twenty minutes, far faster than the client could do it on his own. When my clients are not local, I take the application over the phone, I print it out along with all the disclosure forms and FedEx it to them for their signatures. You may be different and you may want to fill out an application yourself. Be my guest.
The appraisal - For sellers who are trying to arrive at a listing value and buyers who are trying to decide what to offer, there are a number of on-line services that provide recent comparable sales. But how to you evaluate these data? You can do it just like the appraisers do, using their form. It provides a very useful tool. After trying to "appraise" the property you are interested in, you'll also appreciate why
Acrobat Reader - You need to have Acrobat Reader to view and/or print the forms. You may download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the Adobe "Get Acrobat" Reader icon below. Please note that you'll be downloading Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website to the hard drive of your desktop PC. You can then download the files into the same directory in which you installed Acrobat Reader. If you successfully install Adobe Acrobat Reader it should automatically launch after you download the form. If not, download the file, open Acrobat Reader, open the file, and print it.
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Application Form - Note: This is a blank form which you CAN fill out and FAX.  If you really want to apply for a loan, it is better to do with the secure application. 
Appraisal Form
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