How we do it
We consistently get our clients in the best 5% of all those who get loans during any period. What that means is that you'll get a better loan than anyone else on your block. Here's how we do it.
When you apply, we come to an agreement with you as to the amount of our compensation. We never change that. What you then pay is the lender's wholesale rate without markup. It is likely that the market will improve while we're processing your loan, and you have the comfort of knowing that 100% of the benefit will be passed on to you in the form of lower rates.
Most people develop their beliefs about mortgages based upon information from a mega-lenders, those huge lenders who have over 50% market share. The majority of borrowers act like a herd. Those mega-lenders offer the same programs at the about the same rate and the 50% of who go to them get an average deal. If you get your loan the same way your neighbors do, you'll get the same results they do. There is a better way and it is this rule:
If you want to get a better deal than everyone else, you have to do something different than what they are doing.
Coming to the Internet is an example of a good idea you have had. Coming to this site is another. We have lots more ideas because of my
I have an MBA from Stanford and in the last 19 years I have personally funded over $600,000,000 in loans. That's a record for my home town and probably yours, too. Need I say more? Finally, we want you to receive an
The key to getting the best deal lies in making intelligent decisions. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with you. I even wrote a book to help you understand the process and the choices.
I hope that helps you feel that you will be in good hands while getting a mortgage.
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