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This may come as huge surprise to you but according to industry experts, most people - certainly more than half and thus it probably includes you - make costly mistakes in the mortgage process. This isn't like buying a VCR! It's much more complicated than that.
Second, every industry executive I know decries the same problem - the lack of experienced, trained, knowledgeable Loan Officers, even at more mature companies. Bottom line, you cannot count on getting much help from your lender.
Your success is going to be up to you.
The good news is that you can learn how to make good decisions - and avoid mistakes - by getting an education, which is why I wrote a 256 page book:
is the most highly praised "how to" mortgage book ever written. Check out what the EXPERTS have to say about my book.
Are you afraid you won't be able to understand my book? Well, there's a reason why eager homebuyers have made it the #1 best-selling mortgage book in the country. They all tell me how easy it is to read and how valuable it is. Check out what READERS have to say about my book
THIS IS REALLY HOT! My entry at has a number of customer reviews and 39 pages of the book that can be viewed on line. You can order the book here too! Check it out! go5.gif (920 bytes)

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