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   Welcome to the most helpful mortgage site on the Internet.
  You can get information lots of places on the Internet. This is the place you can get WISDOM. Learn how to analyze and evaluate that information. You'll discover unique tips, tricks, and strategies which have helped over 25,000 people save millions of dollars. I can help you too if you want to get the lowest cost mortgage of anyone on your block, saving you thousands of dollars over what your less well educated neighbors pay.
  I was Interviewed on Internet Radio

I didn't know about Internet radio but it's great. Obviously it has the ability to serve and international audience, not just a local market.аI was interviewed about the current mortgage market by the President of one of the nation's biggest credit unions.аTo hear my 15 minute segment, click here.

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    I have done over 4,000 loans in my career. That's a lot!!! Those people contributed to our continuing success us because WE GOT THEM A BETTER DEAL!!!аWe can do the same for you. If you live in California or Idaho and are interested in getting a mortgage, we'd be happy to help you. Click here to apply.
  Upfront Mortgage Broker о Pledge
    Honesty and integrity are the two most important things to find in a lender. Find an honest, trustworthy person and everything else will work out all right. I am proud to be an Upfront Mortgage Brokerо Check out my pledge.  
    For more information about The Upfront Mortgage Brokers, click on the image above.
  Check out my new educational website, The Savvy Borrower
    I write a weekly article about mortgages and real estate for a chain of over 50 newspapers. Dozens of useful articles are archived at this site.  You can subscribe to future articles for free.  
  #1 Best Selling Mortgage Book
    If you could get mortgage advice from the President of Fannie Mae,
would you take it? A former President said this book "...should be required reading." Learn more about How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Home Mortgage and order it on-line.
  Get my Book About How to Use the Internet In
    My book How To Find A Home And Get A Mortgage On The Internet is sold out in bookstores but I own some copies. Learn more about the book andorder it on-line.
    If you want a better deal, you need to start by helping yourself, like by getting educated about mortgages. We have the web's best and most unique collection of tips, tricks, insider secrets, and ideas that can save you thousands of dollars.
  Readers Only
    If you are one of the readers who have made my books best sellers, THANK YOU! As a reader, you are entitled to download Mortgage Wizard, all of the worksheets you saw in the book, and to have your questions answered.
    You can download two industry standard forms, the Loan Application and the Appraisal form.
    Here is a collection of books on real estate and financial planning which I think should be on the shelf of every homeowner.
    Here is a collection of errors I have seen borrowers make. Listen and learn. Forewarned is forearmed.
    You have your favorite websites. Here are some of mine. Some are financial and will really help you, some are of general interest, and some are whimsical, like views of the earth from different satellites. Awesome! Check them out, and let me know if you like them.
    The mortgage industry has probably earned most of the awards for insensitivity and customer unfriendliness. Here are a few pages of cartoons that poke fun at us. Enjoy!

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