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I think it is imperative for all who strive for quality that we establish links to other excellent sites when we find them. Here are some of my favorites.
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Is this a kick or what! This map shows where my office is located. I e-mail it to clients so they know how to get here. You can create a map to YOUR office too. Try it out!
Asset Protection Corp. Rob Lambert is a nationally recognized expert in protecting assets. His motto is "If it's worth striving for it's worth protecting." You can check out his new book ASSET PROTECTION TRUSTS - What They Are, How They Work, Tax Aspects. There is a lot more valuable information at his site.
The Mortgage Professor Jack Guttentag is the most well educated commentator on mortgage issues. Articles he has written for newspapers are reproduced here at his site and you will gain a lot from a visit. I am proud to be an Upfront Mortgage Broker, a concept Jack originated.
Forclosures from - Before you buy a new home, see how much money you can save by purchasing a foreclosed home. You'll be surprised at the huge selection.
International Real Estate Directory - If there is one single site which promises to be "The Stopping Point" for people in real estate to see what's going on every day, this is the one. I guarantee you it will be on top of your bookmark list.
Briefing- Because mortgages are just another financial instrument, what goes on in the financial market affects mortgage rates. This is where I find what's going on. In addition to financial statistics which are updated every 15 minutes, I there are a lot of very informative analyses of both the stock market and bond market. This is no longer free but well worth the very modest price.
HSH Associates - The premier source of information about mortgage rates. You can get surveys of current rates, ARM histories, and a ton of general educational information. If you have this resource, you don't need to "shop by phone."
FreddieMac - The most useful feature of this site is their Primary Mortgage Market Survey. This is a VERY accurate way for you to gauge what your lender is offering you compared with what the average is in your region. My perception is that if you're working with a good lender, you ought to get something better than average.
Homebuyers Fair - Arnold Kling established this site several years ago and it is one of the best on the Web. Arnold has collected a large amount of information which will be useful to anyone who owns a home or wants to. In addition, he has a number of incisive, forthright, and in my opinion, very accurate views on a wide range of real estate topics.
Monster Moving - The Internet's First Moving & Relocation Mega-Site. An excellent source of information.
Argyle Press Real Estate Books - This firm based in Carson City, Nevada, publishes a number of practical how-to books for real estate agents and brokers. Its How To Farm Successfully--By Mail and How To Farm Successfully--By Phone series has sold over 100,000 copies. Argyle's 2,001 Winning Ads for Real Estate (New 3rd Edition) is also a trade best-seller. Check it out!
The Mortgage Professor's Calculators - I don't know about you but I think those ubiquitous "Calculate your payment" calculators are trivial and boring, especially when anyone who is on the Internet probably has Excel or 123 or Quattro with a payment function. In collaboration with Jack Guttentag, The Mortgage Professor, Charles Freedenberg has developed the most comprehensive array of useful calculators anywhere on the Internet. - Collects much of the interest rate data you see published in your paper. In addition, they have a lot of useful, unbiased information on a wide variety of topics related to the real estate industry. However, I would not believe any rate information you see.
LoanPage - The largest National database and listings of mortgage professionals on the Internet. Home owners get low rate loans. Mortgage Brokers get web pages, and listing for Free.
RealtyGuide - Global connections to the Internet's real estate resources.
"The Mortgage Applicant's Bible" - This excellent book by Eric Forster is an excellent companion to my book, "The Loan Wolf Mortgage Guide." If I were a homebuyer, I'd have both.
United States Naval Observatory This is not the time, it is THE TIME, exact to one-gazillionth of a nanosecond. You can insert this clever clock on your web page too. You can also compare your computer's clock with the REAL time.
I'm was on the Board of Pacific Symphony Orchestra, the fastest growing orchestra in the country. My wife, Carole, was on the Board of the award-winning South Coast Repertory. Check out what's going on in our area.
REINET - This site has a lot of varied and useful information about all aspects of the real estate business including a library and directories. Check it out.
Switchboard - Have you seen those $.60 charges on your phone bill whenever you call long distance information? Nevermore! You can look up business numbers or those of friends. An invaluable resource.
The National Address Server This is a great way to find the Zip Codes of your friends without calling the Post Office. It also validates addresses. Invaluable.
NERDWORLD - over 70,000 URL entries in all fields. Don't miss it.
Dilbert - I don't know about you but I cannot start the day without my Dilbert fix! I'm glad this came along when it did because the departure of Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side left a hole in my psyche. You'll want to browse this and maybe order a book.
Earth View - How did you feel the first time you saw a picture of Earth from space. I was blown away. That was over 25 years ago and I still get excited by it. Imagine being able to do that whenever you want from anyone of dozens of satellites which are whizzing around the earth. Pick the one you want and bingo, there it is.
TV Food Network - You will LOVE this one. I like watching the cooking shows on cable TV. Even better, I love being able to download recipes from some of the most imaginative chefs in America. Check out my favorites, the "Essence of Emeril" and "Taste." Have fun!
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