How to find a home and get a mortgage on the internet.
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It is no secret that the Internet is having a tremendous impact on the real estate industry. It is equally clear to anyone who has tried it that navigation around the real estate and mortgage websites is not intuitively obvious. That's why I wrote my new book. Whether you are trying to find out about what community to move to, what homes are for sale, or how to find competitive financing, this book will help you. The book is filled with helpful hints that will make your search easier and more productive. To check out the Table of Contents, click here
Nationally syndicated columnist Robert Bruss said, "On my scale of one to 10, this excellent well-organized, well-written book rates a solid 10." To read the rest of the review, click here
My first book was on the 1998 list The 10 best real estate books of 1998 . So it was a real plesure to see that Mr. Bruss included the new book on his list of The 10 best real estate books of 2000. Check it out.
Pat Rioux of International Real Estate Digest - IRED - wrote a very favorable review. You can review her comments at
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All in all, my book will save you hopurs and hours of time and frustration and give you good tips about how the process works. In every chapter there are hints that can easily save you ten times the cost of the book.
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