99% of buyers think that Shopping for a Loan means calling a bunch of lenders and asking, "What are your rates?" They assume that the way to save the most money is to find a lender with the lowest rates and costs.


Let me demonstrate this with two graphs which demonstrate this. First I want you to see how competitive this business really is. I got rate information from 30 leading lenders and this graph shows the distribution of points at the same rate, 7.625%. The graph shows the number of lenders at each price.

What it shows is that 24 of the 30 lenders. 80%, were quoting either 1 point, 1.125 points, or 1.25 points. On a $125,000 loan, we are talking about differences of only $125 from the average! I'll bet that is a lot closer than you figured it would be. When you think about it, a $125 savings hardly makes shopping worthwhile. Well, it gets better.

This is a graph of the change in points at the same rate over a two month period of time! I kept the rate constant to show the variability.

If you locked in on day 1, you'd have paid 1.5 point but if you'd locked in on day 3 or 8 you'd have paid 1.25 points. If you were spooked by rates and locked in on day 22, you'd have paid 2 points. If you were lucky and rode out this period and waited until day 41 to lock, you'd have paid zero points. Note that the overall range is 2 points! Even during the first half of this period the pricing varied from a low of 1.25 points to a high of 2 points.

You probably assume that most people lock on the days when the points were the lowest. Not so! I talk with the big lenders and they all say that just about the same number of loans are locked in every day.

So what do we learn from this:

  The price variability between lenders is plus or minus 1/8th of a point, $125 on a $100,000 loan.

  There is no aspect of good service which is not worth more than $125!b

 The price variability over time was much higher, plus or minus 1 point.

Here's the inescapable conclusion:

If you want to get the best deal, it is far more important to figure out WHEN to lock-in than it is to spend time trying to figure out which is the cheapest lender.

I have been in this business for 19 years and I have funded over 2,200 loans. Every single one of them had to be locked-in at some particular point in time. I've done an absolutely terrific job of locking 95% of my clients in at one of the low points during whatever period they were "in the market."

When selecting a lender, you want someone that can help you with this most important task.  If you're "on your own, " then be sure to read my book and keep up with the information on the  READERS PAGE.

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